The future of PAS

Dato Dr Cheah See Kian

I would like to present two important concepts in the democratic political process and their differences - value judgement and empirical judgement. In the context of PAS, its value judgment refers to the judgment of its ideals in advocating and setting up of an Islamic state, which is a logical and reasonable struggle of the party.

However, the empirical judgment of such a struggle dictates that it is incompatible under the context of a multi-cultural society. Past experiences in advocating the party’s struggle of an Islamic state to non-Muslims suggest that such a struggle belongs and remains in subjective value judgment, and that it should not and cannot become an empirically objective judgment.
This is further supported by the majority of Malaysians in aspiring for a country that is not theocratic, but democratic, that accords freedom of religion to its citizens.

Thus, PAS should learn from the experience and subscribe to an empirical judgment of its politics, reducing the scale of its religious politics while concentrating on advocating the ideals and policies of integrity, justice and good governance.

Should PAS adopt this direction, I believe the party will surely garner the support of the various races. However, should PAS retain its brand of religious politics, and then will not have the backing of the non-Muslims.

In view of the change in the current political landscape, PAS needs to reevaluate its position and subscribe to a new political paradigm to win the support of the people.

Furthermore, with the emphasis on ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ under the banner of Pakatan Rakyat, PAS should cooperate with others to build a better Malaysia that is peaceful and harmonious.
In the event of PAS encountering a conflict between the value and empirical judgment of its ideals, an objective evaluation is more sensible under the context of a multi-cultural environment.

In politics, there is the need to find balance between the aspiration of the party and the political reality of the nation, as it is unrealistic to hold on to ideals that do not conform to reality.

Under the present scenario, there is only one choice for PAS, and that is to abide by the majority.
This does not mean, however, that PAS should sacrifice the preaching of Islamic ideals among fellow Muslims, only that it should accept the reality that theocracy is not compatible a multi-racial Malaysia.

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  1. Mr Cheah see Kian,

    You still have not given any public press statements about the two most recent issues: 1. You need to speak out for the miserable young man's tragedic case in Shah Alam.
    2. You need to use your influence to rectify other cases in mCA so that justice is seen in the party!!!

    Dr Chua's case was over long ago and was closed by the former Disciplinary Board as he had chosen to quit every post and apologised for the wrong doing (it's just a moral question, this does not jeopardise the economics what so ever in the nation). If the new Disciplinary Board were to dig out Dr. Chua's case, then the Greatest Man's case when He headed the youth was also NOT settled as before it was settled, Dr Lim stepped down and Tan Seri Ong took over the party, the case was seemingly dropped as no further hearing was done (the Greatest Man didn't attend the first hearing, he only sent in a written explanation). Before any further action was taken, Dr Lim stepped down. The case logically was still pending as it was not announced as a close case!!! So, in order to be fair, this case need to be open too, right?

    I think the lesson from the Menteri Besar of Johore to the Greatest Man in the world about the issue that the party in Johore was intentionally divided by him is not enough! This time our beloved PM should be more furious rather than just question Him!!! If BN were to lose some support again after our beloved PM trying the best to win people's heart because of non-stop MCA internal issues, OMG, what will happen? All of us want a peaceful nation and supportive citizens to help the nation to overcome the great economy downfall! Please wake them up by using your sharp, analytical and critical comments!!!

    If a few regional MCA leaders who were out of GREAT LOVE for the party and nation just uttered some 'advise' [surely the Greatest Man and His disciples can't take advices as they think only they are the ones to give advices]openly some that top leaders should take care of the image of the party and should not frequently condemn other party members were also given show case letters to explain, then the Disciplinary Board should also file against the Greatest Man in the world so that he has to give full detailed explanations satisfying every MCA member that why action should not be taken against Him, afterall He had done so much injustice to other party members and keep spoiling the good name of MCA as every now and then because He blames so many MCA members publicly until out beloved PM questioned Him! Isn't it too bad that the top most party Leader keep reciving the worst comments every now and then compared to the previous leaders? Do you agree with my humble opinion?

  2. 匿名先生:

    Thank you for your reminding.

    My article about Ong Chua tussle will be published in this coming Monday in Nanyang column, while the young aide died will be comment by me in my column on this coming Thursday in Oriental Daily.

    We shouldn’t silence as this type of tragedy will happen to other if we do not check & stop it. I simply conclude it with the follow words:


    I do think this is the nightmare for BN, although they have tried very hard to ratify the mistake in the pass, because of the death of a young men in the MACC, it may be happened to be “功不抵过”.

    For the comment of the PAS, I have made the comment in KW Daily which I hereby forward to you for your reference.

    Hope my short reply will meet your requirements.